Christopher L. Price, LICDC, MS

Substance Use Counselor, Author, Informational Speaker

Christopher L. Price was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. After graduating from Jesup W. Scott High School, Christopher earned an associates degree in social services from the University of Findlay; a bachelor’s in liberal studies, with a minor in psychology; and, a master's in criminal justice, with a specification in criminal behavior from Tiffin University.

Christopher is passionate about education and helping people to overcome the tribulations of life.  Price has a zeal for working with non-profit organizations.  His professional experience has been predominately in social services.  Three of his most rewarding positions were as a health educator to persons who were HIV positive, as a residential manager to clients who were homeless and chemically-dependent, and as a substance use counselor.  He is currently an independently licensed chemical dependency counselor. 

In addition to Christopher's academic and professional accomplishments, he is a profound writer.  He has authored five books:  I Stood Alone (an autobiography which details his experiences with the judicial and penal system);  He Told Me (a sequel to I Stood Alone); In the Midst of It all (the third installment of autobiographies); Loves' Child (a book of poems and essays on various social issues; and, Today:  Daily Affirmations.  Christopher is also an influential speaker.  His topics of discussion include an examination of societal ill, such as sexism, racism, hetero-sexism, and the judicial/penal system.  He has appeared on several radio stations across the nation sharing his experiences and the inspiration which prompted him to write his autobiographies.

Christopher's aspiration is to share his personal experiences globally in hopes of being a catalyst of change that inspires people to overcome life's barriers.

Christopher lives by the motto "You must be the change [in which] you wish to see in the world."